Connor Duffy


Connor Duffy (Duffy)

29 year old kid. Been working in events and marketing all over EU for a decade and the only thing that keeps me going is the time I spend outdoors with my friends. From the age of 14, I've always been interested in extreme sports but it wasn't until I tried them myself that I found my passions in life, give me the outdoors, friends and a beer and I'll be happy. I wasn't made for the UK and I've just begun to sort plans out to spend 2years in Canada with the hope of moving there for good. 

Bouldering V7 indoor/ 6c - 7a outdoor total climbing time 2.5yrs. Snowboarding, freestyle/all mountain riding for 6 seasons. 

Long Term Goals:
Sounds cheesy, but I want to be happy. Striving to help men's mental health by sharing my own stories and doing mini Vlogs called Duffy Talks, season 2 coming soon I'd love to live in Canada with access to a lake cabin and mountains.

Social Links:  
Instagram: @duffys__world