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Make money by referring customers to 53 Outdoors online shop from your site. It just takes three easy steps.


Put any link with your personal URL or Discount code from 
53 Outdoors onto your site, blog or Social. 


Encourage your visitors to click the link and make a purchase at 53 Outdoors within 30 days.


You get a 5% commission on all of 
the purchases resulting from this traffic.


Do you have a Outdoor sports / Adventure / Fitness / Art or Music content site with a great following? 
 If so, we would love to work together. 
It doesn't matter whether you have a blog, a video site, social media page, YouTube channel, even if you are an online magazine. 53 Outdoors affiliate program works no matter how big or small your operation is.


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To get started we need you to fill out a little bit of information on the form on the next page. Once you have filled this out and your request has been approved you become an affiliate partner with a unique ID.

With this affiliate ID you can generate links to any page on our website. It's really easy to use and we will explain it in your welcome email.

It's a two-way partnership and I want to reward you for traffic that you send my way by giving you a 5% revenue share to begin with on any final "net conversion sales"* that happen as a result of this traffic within a 30 day conversion period. This period is counted from when the user has last clicked on your link. Over time your affiliate commission may be re-evaluated and amended, and it will always be at least 5% of final net conversion sales for as long as your membership in this program continues. We’ll do our best to handle your request within 5 business days.


I will send you an email report of the realised conversion sales at the end of each calendar month and I can make a wire transfer to the bank account you have specified on your affiliate registration form.


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Final net conversion revenue = 53 Outdoors sales revenue, after discounts, cancelled sales, returns, refunds, taxes and other such deductions from gross revenue, from customers who have clicked on your unique affiliate link and convert within 30 days of last click.