Freddy Krueger

One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You

Three, Four Better Lock Your Door

Five, Six Grab A Crucifix

Nine, Ten Never Sleep Again

Digital Gouache painting of Freddy Krueger from the classic horror movie Nightmare on elm street.

Creature Skateboards

Design entry for Creature Skateboards and Juxtapoz magazine to design Creature skateboards next deck graphic. Nothing came from this but I like the design I came up, which I might take onto some of my own skateboard art.

Drawn in procreate with the Studio Pen and Paint brush background.

Woodland Pixie

A little Mix Media Illustration here.
The lovely Coni The Pirate let me us a woodland photoshoot image she which she did and allowed me to illustration a range of flowers and wolf headdress over the top of it to give it a new angle.

Illustrationed in procreate using the studio pen.

Lumber Jack

I have been using Procreate now for a good 6 months and just getting the hang on how the program works.

Lately I’ve been daring to start adding in different colours and textures to my work. The one I have fallen in love with is the Gouache Paint brush. I just love the effect you get with this brush for adding in texture.

I then overlay the solid line detail however I think there is something very special about the raw effect you get from just the Gouache Paint.