Amazon High Tide - Red Bull

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Amazon High Tide.

A Red Bull surf film about Ramón Navarro a big wave surfer who is brave enough to travel across the Brazilian jungle in search of a secret surf spot on the Amazon to surf a tidal wave.

When sitting down to watch this on Red Bull TV I did not know what to expect. I never knew the Amazon had waves or waves you could surf. The location in the middle of a dangerous jungle surrounded by caimans and piranha didn't seem like the place which you would be able to surf.


This film is a truly personal project by Ramón Navarro. An amazing film not only showing surfing but also showing the lives of the people who live on the amazon. Showcasing the dangerous they have to go through to survive.

There is a heartwarming moment in the film when Ramón meets a young local lad who lives in the mouth of the Amazon. They have an instant connection due to surfing.
If you have a spare 27mins I would sit down and watch.
All property is owned by Red Bull.

Amazon High Tide - RED BULL from p i c X s on Vimeo.


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