Eric and Thor

Have you seen the lastest Eric Karlsson bouldering video??  The mighty Tor repping my Power Trip Vest whilst smashing some bouldering. 

Why I….Hannah Morris

WHY I…..With Hannah  This blog is a truly moving piece, we have Hannah Morris who tells us why she boulders and what the sport means to her.  Why I climb:The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important you’ll ever have. For me, and for many I’m sure, self-acceptance has been one […]

Why I…..Joe Partridge

Why I…..With Joe Here we have Joe Partridge telling us about his passion for climbing and what it means to him.  “Have you got me?” I shout down at Tom, who replies “you’re good, you’re above the pad”. Not that it would have made much of a difference at this point anyway, but still. I […]

Why I…..Cath Wallis

Why I…….. Cath Wallis discusses why she takes on multi-day trail events around the world. We are surrounded in the media and in advertising by images of what it is to be a female athlete: slender, toned and (usually) young. I am not that person and for many years I struggled to find my place […]

Why I…..With Jamie Unwin

Here we have Jay Unwin talking about his Passion of training and life after time in the British army. My name is Jamie Unwin, and here is why I train, and why I became a personal trainer. I was born and raised in Sheffield, England. Some of you may know it as the Steel City. Home to Joe Cocker, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, […]

Why I…..With Clare.

Here we have Clare James talking about her passion for Surfing, Photography and basically living in the water.  As a child I would spend every holiday by the sea and regardless of the weather or time of year. It became the running joke in my family that I would end up soaked to the skin fully clothed. Completely ignoring […]

Why I…..With Eddie Yeung

Here we have Eddie Yeung or better know as climb_ed on Instagram to tell us why he boulders and what his passion means to him. Why I boulder, I began bouldering because it was a way for me to get fit and become more social. But the longer I stuck at it more I really fell in love with the […]

Why I…..With Natasha Grzybowski

Here we have Natasha Grzybowski telling us about her passion in Ballet and Yoga, rekindling her love at a later age. When I was 4 I had the same dream as many little girls have, when I grew up I wanted to be a ballet dancer. Despite my mum being a single parent and not having much spare cash. […]


Why I…..With 53 Outdoors.  I wanted to take some time to tell you guy’s why I started 53 Outdoors and also to introduce my new blog project “Why I…..” where I will be asking a range of artists, athletes and badass people with a passion Why they choose to devote some much time to their […]

Plastic? Take a Hike | By Gemma Bassett

Simple ways to reduce plastic and create positive change.  Getting outdoors. I have loved to camp for many years and there is nothing quite like the feeling of getting back to basics and being a part of the natural environment around you. So whether you’re wild camping, staying at a campsite or glamping – there […]

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