Blue China 1

Blue China is a new sketching project. Taking inspiration from the China plates and patterns, I am creating digital pencil sketches in blue colour based around nature, death, life, surrealism and heavy metal.

Once all the work has been created I will then be turning these digital drawings into a zine.

Freddy Krueger

One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You

Three, Four Better Lock Your Door

Five, Six Grab A Crucifix

Nine, Ten Never Sleep Again

Digital Gouache painting of Freddy Krueger from the classic horror movie Nightmare on elm street.

Creature Skateboards

Design entry for Creature Skateboards and Juxtapoz magazine to design Creature skateboards next deck graphic. Nothing came from this but I like the design I came up, which I might take onto some of my own skateboard art.

Drawn in procreate with the Studio Pen and Paint brush background.