Why I…..With 53 Outdoors. 

I wanted to take some time to tell you guy’s why I started 53 Outdoors and also to introduce my new blog project “Why I…..” where I will be asking a range of artists, athletes and badass people with a passion Why they choose to devote some much time to their passion and what it means to them.  

So why did I start 53 Outdoors?

This is something I ask myself on a daily basis and every time I think of an answer it always comes back to the answer of I was bored. 
I was bored of the brands out there in the fitness and outdoors world, I never felt a connection to them, don’t get me wrong I have huge huge respect for every fitness and outdoor brand out there and their personal beliefs behind the brand be it Environmental with Patagonia or The North Face with their campaign “Wall are Meant for Climbing” to encourage people to get out and climb (which I am a big fan of), or Lululemon providing athletic apparel for men and women to encourage them to feel good working out and now having Pro skater Neen Williams on their brand and telling his story of getting clean from drink and drugs and finding fitness to help him skate longer. These are all amazing brands with amazing stories to tell, but I never felt a connection or apart of them. 

53 Outdoors is my creative freedom from this boredom, it is not meant to be a big brand or really seen as anything too serious, it is just a creative outlet for me to get my design ideas out on Apparel and Gym wear which I think looks good and is totally different from what is out there right now and if you dig my design I am so grateful and if they are not your cup of tea I totally get this as well, as I am coming at this from a totally different angle. 

Growing up I was always outdoors from the sunrise to the time it set I was out exploring wherever I could be, making dens or dirt jumps for my BMX. We had a caravan up in the lakes where I spent most of my summer holidays and this is where my love for the outdoors really grew. Days where spend building dams in the local stream, learning to sail on Ullswater or scrambling up mountains such as Blencathra or Skiddaw. This views and activities in nature just seemed perfect to me and where I fitted in. 

However, I did not like the clothing or the brands which wear designed for this outdoor lifestyle. 
As well as loving the outdoors and nature growing up I was a skate / BMX kid who loved punk and metal music. Watching skaters such as Andrew Reynolds or BMXers as Seth Kimbrough having this amazing raw talent and passion for their art. Combine this with music from Black Flag and Metallica just seemed to blow my mind that there was in raw passion out there for these subcultures. These two worlds of Nature & Hiking and Bmx & Punk seemed miles apart and for most of my life I kept them that way. 

As I got older I got into more sports such as Boxing, MMA, Weightlifting, Yoga, Rock climbing and bouldering. With all these sports I still never felt the connection to their brands as I did to punk, metal, BMX and skate brands with their designs and attitudes. I would only want to wear skate brands or band t-shirts whilst I did these sports which made me stick out like a saw thumb but I liked it. 

At the ripe old age of 29, I am not skating or bmxing anymore. Rock climbing and Yoga have become my main focus’s of sport and fitness but I still have the skate and punk mentality so I thought why not start creating some designs which I actually want to wear whilst I am doing these sports and from this 53 Outdoors was born. 

53 Outdoors is a creative idea of combining my love of Fitness and Outdoors with the attitude and designs of Metal, Punk, Skate and BMX. 

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