Why I…..With Natasha Grzybowski

Here we have Natasha Grzybowski telling us about her passion in Ballet and Yoga, rekindling her love at a later age.

When I was 4 I had the same dream as many little girls have, when I grew up I wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Despite my mum being a single parent and not having much spare cash. I was lucky enough that she supported me. Paying for every exam, every pair of shoes and sat through every dance show I participated in.Then like most girls I hit the teenage years. Becoming more interested in boys, fashion and friends, eventually deserting my true passion.Walking away from the hobby I loved and throwing my pointe shoes to lay gathering dust in the bottom of my wardrobe.It’s funny I always remember my mum saying ‘Youth is wasted on the young’. It never served a meaning until the days when I felt too old and too past it to ever even consider going back to ballet.I always yearned to dance and struggled to watch others perform ballet. As I felt a real sense of being unfulfilled and slight jealousy they were still doing the thing I loved so much.If only I hadn’t walked away if only I could rewind the clock.It was only when I moved back North after university that I discovered that Northern Ballet. They provided a drop in classes at intermediate, advanced and beginner levels.These drop-in classes are simply fantastic, they are led by professional dancers. Everyone is welcome despite ability, age, and gender.A real pianist plays in large state of the art studios. You meet like-minded people and even people who have shared the same enthusiasm from a young age. Who has had a similar experience of dropping out and feeling they could never go back.Nothing makes me happier than at Christmas time being able to dance to The Snow Man or The Nutcracker and feel like I did when I was that little girl. Carefree, unjudged and simply happy to be in the momentI started to dance again every Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet I soon realised I wasn’t as supple as I once was. So despite my initial quibbles and thinking that Yoga was a slow set of positions and maybe lacklustre I would give it ago.Four years on and I now have two hobby’s which I generally love. They go hand in hand, provide me with great fitness, flexibility and strength.I started doing yoga classes. Eventually, I found my preferred method of Ashtanga Vinyasa flow.

Like dance, there are many disciplines. Whether you’re looking for something demanding, easy relaxing or meditative.My dream now I’m 33 .. When I grow up I would like to be a yoga instructor and pass on what I have learnt in both disciplines to others The flow of movement, the sense of living in the moment, the ability your body has to change and get better with regular routine the core strength, the sense of achievement.

It’s a cliché but it’s never too late to walk back into something you love knowing only you are your own judge.

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