Why I…..With Jamie Unwin

Here we have Jay Unwin talking about his Passion of training and life after time in the British army. My name is Jamie Unwin, and here is why I train, and why I became a personal trainer.

I was born and raised in Sheffield, England. Some of you may know it as the Steel City. Home to Joe Cocker, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Def Leppard and countless other artists and musicians. As a young lad growing up, my dad; who used to be the premier DJ at the famous Limit club during the seventies and eighties, I was always close by to records. I was raised on punk, blues, (now classic) rock, reggae and pop. I always remember my dad first playing me the Sgt Pepper album and it absolutely blew my mind.

Needless to say: music has been and will continue to be, a fundamental part of my life. When I turned eighteen, I began working at The Leadmill; a nightclub that is still standing in Sheffield. However, I fell in with some toxic crowds and, in a desperate plea to leave, I joined the British Army.

Here is where I fell in love with pushing my body to its limits and, most of the time, beyond them.

I became intoxicated with how your body adapts to pressures exerted on it. I ventured into various forms of training, from Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Olympic Lifting. I loved the feeling of my body being tired and the rush of endorphins that follows a hard workout. It was a much-needed reprieve from the toxicity that I had been witness to in my teens.

I competed at high-levels within the army. The most prestigious of these competitions was that of British Army Warrior Fitness; a CrossFit style set of events that culminated with the finals which were held at the Army School of Physical Training down in Aldershot.

After having my daughter, I decided to leave the army. But, I couldn’t leave training behind. And, the knowledge that I’d gained over the years of being trained and training myself, pushed me towards a career in personal training. Which, I am happy to say; I now do full time. 

There’s nothing better than receiving a text or phone call from a client, saying how they’ve ‘successfully managed that all-elusive third date’ with someone that before, they would have never had the confidence to even approach. That actually happened the other month with a client! He drunk messaged me and I still never let him forget it to this day. I still train him now and he is still with said lady!

It makes the job worthwhile when you can actually witness positive changes in a person’s life, just from doing something that you love to begin with.

You can follow Jamies work over on his Instagram @jayunwinpt for even book him for a PT session at https://www.jpt-online.co.uk/

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