Why I…..With Clare.

Here we have Clare James talking about her passion for Surfing, Photography and basically living in the water. 

As a child I would spend every holiday by the sea and regardless of the weather or time of year. It became the running joke in my family that I would end up soaked to the skin fully clothed. Completely ignoring my parents asking me to stay out of the water. The hardest part was leaving the ocean and going home. I vowed when I was older that I would make a life in which I lived by the sea so I could get in it whenever I wanted.

I chose to study in Falmouth, Cornwall this is where I started surfing, having windsurfed for years I already loved the ocean. As soon as caught my first wave I was addicted. 8 years later I live by the sea on the North Cornish coast in Newquay and try to surf every day, if there is no surf, I swim, snorkel, kayak, dive throughout the year.

Working as a photographer and videographer down in Cornwall allows me to live this life. I first started taking photos underwater whilst working as a dive instructor. Since then I have worked in the conservation, wildlife and the commercial sector. Yet, 4 months ago I brought myself a surf housing for my camera and this has enabled me to go Freelance. I am now lucky enough to be able to combine my work and passion. The last 4 months I have had a variety of in-water shoots photo and video. In which I get paid to shoot products ranging from dry bags, bikinis, hats to different sports, wild swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking.

I now get in the water more than ever both for pleasure and work! I still wake up in the morning and have to pinch myself to make myself believe it is real.

I am currently reading a book called Blue Mind by the author Wallace J. Nichols which looks at why we feel a connection to water and the science behind it. This book has helped to explain the emotions I feel whilst in the ocean and I think is well worth a read.Check out more of Clares work over on her website  https://www.clarejamesphotography.com/ and Instagram @clarejamesphotography

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